About 2 days after I had arrived at the hotel, I went for my first appointment at the Clinic. After a roundabout journey with a motorised rickshaw, (which are great fun for a very low price) I arrived at the Clinic. I was well received and was asked to fill out registration forms and then I was sent to the first floor for eye measurements and tests, which were conducted most professionally. After the initial test was completed, I met Dr Anand Shroff in person; a most clever, professional, kind and dedicated man. He explained everything quite clearly and answered all my questions and concerns. I also met his wife, Dr Safala Shroff, a kind, most articulate and like her husband, professional woman.
My operation was on the 13th of October. I was very nervous and it didn’t help very much that in my rush I had not eaten any breakfast. So I was advised to wait, rest a bit, get some energy into me before the procedure. That was not a problem, as my appointment was rescheduled until later in the day.

The procedure began. I got some sort of dust net over my hair, my hands were sanitised and I got some sort of poncho to wear during the operation. Now I’m not fond of getting any sort of object near or touching my eyes. I’m a real coward when it concerns my eyes. The reasons why are numerous. Too many to mention.
Back to the point, Dr Safala did everything to soothe and distract me, to which she succeeded quite well, and Dr Anand demonstrated some superb psychology on me with tremendous success. (Later on, I was assured I wasn’t his worst patient to my great relief).
I must honestly say it wasn’t the most comfortable experience. But I must give them credit that it lasted for a very short time and they reassured me very well. It lasted 10 seconds for my first eye and 15 seconds for my second eye.

The new result was apparent immediately. I began to see better right after the procedure had finished.
Afterwards they sent me to one of their patient rooms were I could rest for the next 4 hours. In the first hour I was given regular eye drops by a nice nurse, and afterwards I received eye drops every hour. I was also given sweet spiced tea and delicious vegetable sandwiches. After the 4 hours of resting I was brought back to the hotel.
In the days that followed my eyes healed very well, helped along by the drops and resting. My right eye, the one that needed a bigger correction, healed slower than my left eye. My left eye was completely healed in the second day after the procedure. My vision in my right eye fluctuated regularly. I was told that this is a normal part of the healing process. Now, when I’m writing this the vision is still improving little by little.

Over all I enjoyed the India experience allot, I am very happy and great full with the care I was given during the operation and I would highly recommend it to any one who needs a laser eye correction.
Arnand Shroff gave me unrestricted vision and I am enjoying every moment of it.
I am glad that my father researched all this as I am more into outdoor sports then sitting behind a computer screen. I am very happy with both the outcome of his research and the outcome of the Lasik surgery by Dr Shroff.
Now, two years after the surgery, I can not imagine a life with glasses anymore.

Passport picture with glasses

Just after the surgery with my dark glasses on

Now, enjoying a full life without glasses.

If you would like to contact me and ask me any question regarding my experience with Dr. Shroff eye clinic in Mumbai feel free to drop me a note