Interesting points about Mumbai:

Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
Area603 km² (233 sq mi)
Elevation 10 m (30 ft)
Population 13.2 million.
Density 21,880/km² (56,669/sq mi)
By contrast, the Beara peninsula, were I live, has a similar area but with a population of 5300 has a density of 9.1/km2.

Look at some of the pictures I shot in Mumbai.
Mumbai is a huge city. It has its own way of life, many ethnic groups, and other many “new” things, for a western person.
I quickly realized you must not get worried or agitated, especially in terms of transport. The Mumbaikers are a very friendly and helpful people, and my general experience is they are quite trustworthy.
When I landed at the airport and I was picked up by my driver, people came bustling over with trolleys and other offers of help to carry with my luggage. I refused, on the grounds I just had one large suitcase and a small pouch for my documents and money and a small camera bag. I sat in the front seat, and without any ceremony or other ritual that car was started and took off at near breakneck speed. I quickly realized that the car horn is an invaluable tool for driving in Mumbai. It was used regularly as means of letting other road users know that: “Oi!! Out the way!” “Move it!!” “Watch out I’m coming!”. The end result is that mirrors are a complete unnecessary addition to any vehicle in Mumbai.


  Gateway of India

Gandhi's Bedroom

Victoria Terminus