India has a good many eye clinics and several would be good candidates to get your eyes lasered. Some of these are in fact cheaper then the one I eventually selected. However, I was also looking for several other factors in my quest for the best clinic.
The latest laser technology in use in the clinic
Substantial experience in number of patients treated on an ongoing basis.
Long time of establishment. To give some confidence that you are dealing with a competent operation that is in there for the long haul. Unlike a chain of cowboy Irish laser clinics that already has made a new start under a new name only a few years after they were established.
Broader range of procedures. That proves they know more about eyes then just lasering them.
Quality certificates already in place such as ISO 9002.
Excellent responses to my communication as I am convinced that confidence is not instilled by fear or unfounded respect but rather by unfettered performance

Dr. Safala Shroff and her husband Dr. Anand Shroff run the Shroff eye hospital in Mumbai
In applying al these criteria I found that Dr. Shroff's Eye hospital in Mumbai was the only one meeting all my requirements:
  • They operate the 500 Hz Wavelight Concerto laser. Only 6 in the world as of this writing. This instrument is universally recognized as the best laser on the market today.
    • The eye hospital has been in operation for over 88 years.
    • At Shroff's eye hospital many diverse eye treatments and surgery procedures are performed.
    • The hospital not only has ISO 9002 accreditation but on 18 February 2006 has also been certified as the only Eye hospital in India by the USA based JCI- Joint Commission International accreditation. As you can see from the list in the previous link, none of the eye clinics in Ireland has thus been certified. The JCI Gold standard award assures stringent clinical quality standards. JCI is the international arm of the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations, which evaluates quality standards of US hospitals.
    •  And sure enough, after I started communicating with the clinic that communication developed in a constant stream of diligent, patient, competent and very personal email interaction that laid the foundation for a very well prepared visit of Jouke Anne to Mumbai and his very satisfying care and treatment at the hands of Mr. and Mrs. Shroff as he testifies to on his own page

Communicating with Safala Shroff has been a pleasure. No question was her too simple or too boring. She used no pre-form texts in her responses and convinced me on several of my concerns on detailed aspects of their treatment.
That attention to detail continued whilst Jouke Anne was in Mumbai with her care for him, both in terms of eye care and personal care for his wellbeing.
I recommend Shroff's Laser clinic wholeheartedly. You will be pleased.

Then the financials:
Cost for the surgery on both eyes 1250 Euro. Cost for the flight 500 Euro Cost for the hotel for 10 days full board: 250 Euros. Total: 2000 Euros Mind you, the 10 days duration was not medically required but a nice first holiday in one of the most interesting cities of India was thrown in for good measure!
We have no financial interest in Dr. Shroff's hospital and clinic. It is just that we are very happy to have found them and to have availed of their service. In this day and age of fleeting mass market products and services it is a relief to find that there still are people that are take pride in providing a very personal and quality service. And I think that this should be communicated and honored. When we see a bad product or service we are vocal about it. When we see a good product or service we are vocal about it too. Hence this web site. I guess we are vocal people.

Shroff eye hospital
The site for the larger eye hospital of the Drs. Shroff.
Shroff laser clinic
The site for the state-of-the-art Laser clinic of the Drs. Shroff.