So you want to know about the gear. ........ Well, the heart of the system is the hard disk recorder. It's the Apple Logic Studio Pro,

 giving you unlimited track 24 bit recording of the very highest audio quality. The elaborate software allows for all editing features imaginable and then some!....... solid-state and tube mic-pre-amps, guitar amp modellers, Auto-Tune software plug-ins they're all there!
Next, let's talk about the rack. There's modules galore...... Pre amps, compressors, samplers, synth boxes, equalizer mainframe, the list goes on.
Monitors are Dynaudio acoustics driven by a FET amplifier
Although the Beara studios' philosophy is to record the natural sound of an instrument or voice, you'll find a wide selection of synthesized and sampled sounds that you can modify infinitely in software synths as well an

Alesis QS8 Master controller/synthesizer

An elaborate fold back circuit allows you to mix your own headphone balance just as you like it.
We have a mike for every occasion whether you hammer drums, twang a harp or imitate Louis Armstrong with your voice. Whatever sound you seek, from crisp digital to warm analogue, Beara studios has just the mike.
Acoustic instruments and voice are generally recorded in the purpose-built recording room where there's absolute silence It has good visual contact with the control room. So you can use sign language to communicate with the engineer.

The recording room has a very comfortable feel to it. You'll like it!
The studio has a network of different PCs for different tasks, such as MIDI, Hard disk recording, Processing, Software sampling, CD cover design etc...
Oh, I nearly forgot.... there's Logic's midi sequencing, a motorised fader mixing desk, automation, Kawai digital piano, Reason software synths, Rebirth rhythm workstation..... haven't you had enough of this page yet?